How can I test my CEFR level?

There are various ways that you can test your CEFR level:


Take a quick test on CEFRlevels.com

CEFRlevels.com provides a quick and easy English test which is free and can be completed in 20 minutes. Use this test if you need to find your approximate level and you do not require a certificate.

The CEFRlevels test will quiz you on vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening. Be sure to have either headphones or a speaker for the listening section.

Try the test here.

Take the BULATS test of Business English

If you need to test your CEFR level for business purposes, try the BULATS test. There is a general test available online or on paper and there are also writing and speaking tests. You will need to apply to take the test through a testing center in your country.

Find out more here.

General and Academic English

Cambridge English has a range of exams which can help you find out if you have reached a particular CEFR level.

Find out more here.